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 Applying Common Sense to Find Common Ground

In our opinion most political discourse in recent years has contributed to the increasing divisions in the US. Hyperbole may sell books, build ratings, and enhance standing among one's political groupthinkers. It is not part of the solution to what ails the country. We must move beyond the rhetoric and apply some common sense to find some common ground. In doing so we likely will pass over some details that others feel are critical. Our goal is to be generally correct rather than precisely wrong.


The topics discussed in this website:

About us: the Democrats sponsoring this website

This section highlights relevant political and professional experience of the sponsors and authors. We want to emphasize that this is strictly a private, personal initiative. We have not spoken with nor do we have the support - financial, technical, or other wise - of any entity or individual involved in any political activity.

A Country Divided and a Core Demoralized

A brief outline of many of the headline political divisions plus a comment on why we believe that Mitt Romney has the potential to be the leader our nation needs at this time.

A Mission, a Vision, and Our Current Condition

We propose a mission statement to serve as a framework for our subsequent discussion of key policy challenges. The framework is enhanced by outlining a set of essential building blocks of a moral system. This section also includes evidence of disturbing divisions in our nation's political, moral, and social capital. A final section discusses the joint challenges of human capital and income inequality.

Economic Issues and Economic Policy

We offer what we believe to be common sense assessments of a range of economic issues: Keynesian stimulus spending, tax reform, the federal budget deficit, monetary policy, economic recovery, and foreign trade including China.

Other Key Policy Issues

Again we offer what we believe to be common sense assessments of a range of policy issues: healthcare reform, the environment, immigration, and foreign policy.

Markets, Regulation, and the Private Sector

Here we assess blame for the housing bubble, comment on proposed regulation of the financial system, highlight the source of job creation, and evaluate the role of private equity in economic recovery.

Overcoming our emotional barriers

We need emotional intelligence to be able to come together to solve our nation's challenges. We believe that common sense can find common ground.


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